A Voyage of Discovery (1992) | Jack Vettriano

This painting is one of your Mr Dictator favorite. Jack Vettriano has this facility to embrace eroticism in his paintings while remaining romantic. I see a couple of partner in crime, sharing their passion for each other, despite the world surrounding them. The man in the hat is crazy about touching her, as much as she craves his caress. Parting her legs to offer him haven, he slowly goes further, daringly fondles her thigh, worshiping her warm skin.

In the story, A Night in Paris, Master David recalls the command he gave Charlotte, probably after going to a Vettriano exhibit, that every time his hands savors her thighs she will part her legs to be caressed.

Vettriano is quite a prolific modern painters and fortunately, it is easy to find his paintings online. His most famous is The Singing Butler, a classy scene where a couple dances on a windy beach, surrounded by a butler and a maid.