Charlotte's Rules

Charlotte, Master David wife, keep a journal in which she writes about her journey into his world and where she keeps all the rules given to her. Master David, not believing in submission contract, only states his commands, arguing that Charlotte will remember them as a sign of her benevolent willingness.

Here are some excerpts from Charlotte's journal:

"Master David requested, today, to ask him the permission to wear bras and underwear. The command did not surprise me. He is an atypical type of voyeur. He sees and watches even with closed eyes. He sees and watches with his mind, with his imagination."
"David and I went to a private art exhibit tonight. It was held by our friend, Laurent DeVillier. The show is named Érotique et subtil and quite frankly, it was a very interesting look at daring sex. My Master wouldn't have picked a better exhibit to express his views on the subject. Like he always tells me, a couple isn't a couple if they cannot find ways to have sex every time they breathe. Everything for him has a sensuous element, whether he looks at me getting dressed or when he touches my thigh at the cinema. Talking about my thighs, there was a very nice painting from Vittriano, A voyage to discovery or something like that. It depicts a man and a woman sitting by the sea. What I imagine being her lover is caressing her thigh in public, although the other characters in the scene don't seem to notice it. She, on her part, looks a bit concerned of being seen. As I was concentrating of what she was thinking, David showed up from nowhere, the way he likes to do all the time... Whispering in my neck: "The world doesn't have to know.", he said. "But she's worried, don't you think", I replied. "If he's smart enough, I'm sure he can take all the precautions not to be seen. Let's see if I'm smart! You'll offer yourself, you'll part your legs every time I caress your thighs.", he added. "Talaga?", I said, chocked, but trilled at the same time. "Talaga.", my Master replied with a smirk on his face."